SEO For WordPress Tips

How To Maximize Your SEO For WordPress

seo for wordpress

SEO for WordPress is probably THE most difficult task to accomplish on your WordPress for real estate website.

Getting the correct SEO for WordPress isn’t that complicated, it’s just that many people make search engine optimization much harder than it really needs to be.

Some keywords are hard to rank than others, there’s no doubt about that.

But, if you choose right and follow a few simple techniques consistently, achieving a high SEO for WordPress is very do able.

Many of our articles and websites quickly rank on Page 1 of internet searches by adhering to this SEO for WordPress system.

A Short Story About SEO For WordPress

If you’re in a hurry and want to see what our tips for maximizing your SEO for WordPress are, simply scroll down to the next section.

But if you’ve got a minute or two, stick with us and read this short story about SEO and WordPress:

Some time ago I’d just launched a new website and was populating it with some posts. These posts were what I’ll call ‘starter articles’, just short sketches of posts that I’d planned on going back and fleshing out over the next couple of days.

Which is exactly what I did do, according to plan.

Except that there was one ‘starter article’ that I somehow had overlooked. So the post just sat there while the rest of the website we built up and developed.

Recently I was examining the income search inquires to that website and discovered this ‘lost article’ was receiving a pretty good amount of traffic, in many cases more direct traffic than the articles we’d gone back and optimized for SEO for WordPress.

I was amazed.

I mean, this starter article that was attracting a lot of traffic violated almost every SEO for WordPress principle that there was (except one):

  • The main keyword was not in the headline
  • There was little or no use of H2 and H3 headers
  • Text linking to other articles and pages within the website was non existent
  • The main keyword did not appear strategically throughout the article
  • The article length was too short
  • There was no graphic with an ALT tag of the main keyword

There were a few other things with this high traffic article that broke the rules, but you probably get the idea.

How This Article Had A High SEO Ranking

What this article did have going for it, and the thing that obviously the search engines found to their liking, was that this article that was attracting so much traffic was well written with high quality original content.

See, if you write about something that you know well or that you enjoy, it really doesn’t take that long and your attitude will show in the high quality of the post.

When this high SEO ranked article was written, it had been done very quickly and topically.

Maximizing Your SEO For WordPress

So what we do now when developing WordPress for real estate websites and content is to work backwards.

We’ll start with high quality original content, making sure that we incorporate key SEO for WordPress metrics that will attract visitors and readers to your WordPress site.

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