New Pro Skins For HeatMap Theme Pro

Updated Review Of HeatMap Theme Pro

If you’re looking for the best way to monetize your websites, then dollar for dollar HeatMap Theme Pro is the best way to go.

In an age where Google is making it increasingly harder to make money online it’s no wonder that people are looking for turn-key ways to seamlessly integrate banner, display and text advertising into their websites.

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New HeatMap Theme Pro Skins

StuartCindy Art is the maker of the HeatMap Theme and they’ve just released several new skins named UA-OS.  Here’s what Stuart has to say about these new skins:

Recently I’ve noticed that the Google ‘Open Sans’ font is becoming very popular on sites all over the web. Its bright and breezy, gives a nice open airy feel to any web site, and is also very readable.

I decided to give HeatMap’s Ultimate Authority Skins a bit of a twist using Open Sans and came up with the new UA-OS Skins. My favourite is UA-OS white . . . .

Here’s an example of a site we’ve set up using the HeatMap Theme Pro Skin UA-OS blue:

Note: We’ve intentionally gone overboard way overboard with the advertising on this site, so that you can see a few of the many ad placement options offered by HeatMap Themes.

More Bang For The Buck (Or Euro, Peso, etc.)

When you purchase the HeatMap Theme for your WordPress website, you’re getting so much more than just a single theme with a handful of customizable options.

Here’s a quick rundown of what HeatMap Themes offers:

  • Nearly 50 different skins in a variety of colors and styles
  • Import/Export plugin so that you can transfer your theme customizations to other websites
  • UA-OS Pro Skins, Ultimate Authority Pro Skins and Classic Pro Skins
  • Downloadable Quick Set Up Files for: Regular Blog, Slim Blog, Authority Review Blog, Niche Site Blog (slim), Niche Site Blog (regular), Totally Blank Canvas, Fixed Navigation Blog, Hi CRT Niche Classic, Hi CTR Niche Skyscraper, Hi CTR Niche Twin Skyscraper
  • Plus unparalleled Customer Service and Support

Here’s the link to the main HeatMap Themes site: http:/