How To Triple Your Website Advertising Revenue


Make More Money Online In 2013

This is the time of year when we start putting our New Year’s resolutions into action and thinking about more ways to improve our business for the year.

Making more money is often toward the top of that list, so I wanted to share with you an experiment that I’ve been running the last few months with PPC (pay per click) advertising on several of my websites.

Google AdSense is usually the first – and sometimes only – option that comes to mind when you think of PPC advertising,  but AdSense leaves a lot to be desired for two reasons:

1.  Google doesn’t pay you until you reach a $100 limit in commissions owed to you, and it always seems that as you begin to near that $100 mark your clicks and AdSense traffic slow down considerably.

2.  Google displays ads on your site based on what your visitor has been browsing, not based on what the content of your website is.

That might sound good on paper but in the real world that approach has some bizarre consequences.

A while back I was updating one of the ebooks I have for sale on Amazon.  Later that day I clicked over to one of the national news sites that I read, and I was pleasantly surprised to see display ads for that same ebook on the national news site.

My happiness quickly gave way to shock as I noticed how crappy the display ads looked – there was simply my ebook cover, a little copy and the price, not really formatted to fit the display banner size.  The ads were so unappealing that even as the author of the ebook I would never buy the thing.

And, the ebook had absolutely nothing to do with the website that I was on.

Think about it this way:  If you’re on a website for power tools you wouldn’t expect to see ads for Barbie dolls, would you?

So I began experimenting with other PPC advertising options to use with or instead of Google AdSense.  Here are three popular options that I’ve used the past few months alongside AdSense, including one that tripled my ad revenue when compared to Google:

Chitika – Tripled by advertising revenue

Chitika uses a text-based format that compliments AdSense advertising so if you want to use both you can.

Chitika uses search-targeted advertising (so your visitor sees ads based on what they’ve been searching for), has a huge variety of ad sizes you can choose from, and will send your ad commissions to your PayPal account at the end of each month, as long as the balance is higher than $10.

=> Click here to go to the Chitika website

Yepty – Use this for a brand new website

There are a lot of things I liked about Yepty:  It’s easy to install using a free WordPress plugin; they offer you in-text, in-image, slider and ad line ads, text ads, text cloud and related tags advertising; they transfer ad commissions into your PayPal account twice a month, PLUS when I used Yepty they actually drove traffic to my site.

The one drawback I found with Yepty is that because there are so many options it’s best to use it as your only advertising vendor.  When I tested Yepty in combination with AdSense the ad choices the visitor saw were overwhelming.

But having them drive traffic to your site is a huge plus, particularly if you’ve got a brand new website, so it might be worth using Yepty as your sold advertising source.

=> Click here to go to the Yepty website

adBrite – Maybe it will work better for you

adBrite is a popular program but also the one I had the least luck with.  Maybe it was the websites I was testing the service on, but none of the ad content was remotely relevant to my website content.  It was actually even worse than Google AdSense.

Still, adBrite is a popular advertising option, and you might have better luck with them than I did.

=> Click here to go to the adBrite website

Thanks for visiting our website and have a great New Year and a great 2014!