How To Monetize Your Website With Amazon


If you’ve got a WordPress website for your business, one of your New Year resolutions might be to figure out ways to generate some additional revenue from your site.

In your normal business you probably use cross-selling or referrals to make some extra money, so why not do the same thing with your website?

If you’re a subscriber to our email list, you’ll remember the end of December when I wrote to you about different PPC (pay per click) advertising options I’ve been experimenting with, along with one that I found tripled my PPC advertising income.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Another method that I’ve been using to make money from my websites is by marketing Amazon products using a very simple WordPress plugin.

Now, one of the drawbacks to selling stuff – even if it’s your own stuff – on your websites is that you run the risk as coming across as too blatant or too “in your face” and you end up turning away potential prospects for your main product or service.

What I like about Amazon is that they have literally a ‘gazillion’ products that you can market, which makes it VERY easy to blend an offering into a post or page.

You’ll also find that Amazon is a great resource for content ideas.  Because they have so many products, it’s easy to write a post around a specific product when you’re stuck for ideas of what to write about.

And because Amazon has so many products, you can really drill down, laser focus and find a product that’s a good niche match for your post.

Easy Ways To Create Amazon Affiliate Links

I’ve been using the SimpleAzon Plugin on our Real Estate Wealth Fast website for the past month or so, and it works really well. Here are a couple of links to posts that will given you an idea of what the plugin can do:

In both cases the product is at the end of the post using a large image, but you can put the image anywhere you like with a variety of image sizes, and also use text links.

The SimpleAzon Plugin lets you build Amazon affiliate links quickly and easily so that all you really have to do is focus on deciding which product is the best match for your post and leave all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff to the plugin.

If using Amazon to help monetize your websites sounds like it could work for you, here are a couple of links where you can learn more: