How To Get More People To Open Your Emails


Get More Business From Your Customer List

You’ve put a lot of work into designing that perfect sign up form, you’ve finally figured out which type of ‘free report‘ offer gets the highest amount of opt ins, and you’ve spent a lot of time writing those follow-up email messages to keep people on your list up to date on your latest products and services.

But after all that you’re still not getting the response rate that you think you should be getting.

Here are a few email marketing tips that can help you to get more money from your list building efforts:

  • In your email subject line use words like:  ‘% off’, ‘free’, ‘sale’ and ‘save’.  The word ‘coupon’ also works well during the holiday season.
  • Try different designs for the body of your email.  What works best for you will depend on who your customers are.  Sometimes a plain old text message is the best, other times a templated email is going to be most effective.
  • Include a button or a link to click.  Make it easy for your readers to know what to do next.
  • Don’t over do – or under do – the frequency of your emails.  This one is tricky to figure out, but one technique that works well is to let your subscribers know right upfront when they can expect an email from you.  By setting the right expectations when they first sign up you’ll be able to seriously reduce the number of people that cancel because they’re getting too many emails from you