How To Get Free SEO With Better Blogging

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Why Blogging For Free SEO Makes Sense

Sometimes it seems like trying to get free SEO is like looking for that mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You want to believe the gold free SEO is there, and you keep thinking to yourself, “If only I did X, Y or Z, then I’d find it!”.  Even if you’re fairly new to blogging and marketing yourself online you know that there are a lot of ‘SEO gurus’ out there offering to search engine optimize your website for a four-figure fee.

The good news about using WordPress for your website is that you don’t need to pay an SEO consultant to get traffic to your website.  There are a lot of cool WordPress themes on the market, but when you look under the hood all of them offer a blogging function for your website.

With better blogging it’s easy to get free search engine traffic to your WP site without spending a lot of time or money creating content.

3 Reasons To Use Blogging For Free SEO

Blogging is free

Most of us in business don’t have huge budgets to spend on SEO consultants who promise the moon and end up disappearing once your payment has hit their PayPal account.  Even if you invest in a premium WordPress theme – something I highly recommend – that plus the cost of your monthly web hosting is less than $1 per day.

Setting up your WordPress website isn’t difficult, and once that’s done just schedule a time to sit down and post once, twice or three times a week to tell your stories and you’ll have qualified traffic coming into your website before you know it.

Blogging attracts the search engines

One of the best things about blogging is that each time you publish a post your website changes, causing the search engines to re-crawl your site.  Search engines like to see active sites, the idea being that the more a website changes the more relevant information there is.

Think of it this way:  Imagine that your website is print magazine.  Everything else being equal, are you more likely to seek out and read a magazine that changes weekly or once a month?

Blogging is all about information publishing

The other great thing about using WordPress to attract free SEO to your website is that blogging is about more than just publishing a post.  With WordPress your post can contain infographics, embedded videos, pictures, PDFs, white papers and much more – pretty much anything that you can imagine you can do with your WordPress post.

Just as importantly, your readers will love seeing a variety of content and the search engines will too.